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Thanks for your interest in WP OnlineCounter, a plugin for WordPress which counts the number of currently online visitors, the highest number of visitors online at the same time, and the total count of visitors. You can configure what should be displayed and how it should look like through its own options page in your WordPress dashboard. It also offers some very basic statistics regarding the most recent visitors to your site (only available if you are running on a server with at least MySQL 4.1).


Download the plugin and drop it into your WordPress’ plugins directory, usually “wp-content/plugins” (DON’T put it into a subdirectory). Enable it on the Plugins page in your WordPress dashboard. Paste the following code in your template where you want the counter to show up, or use either the Widget for WordPress Widgets or the Sidebar Module for the K2 theme.

<?php if(function_exists('wp_onlinecounter')) wp_onlinecounter(); ?>


If you are already using an older version of this plugin, please disable it on the Plugins page, overwrite the old file in your plugins directory with the new one you downloaded, and re-enable it again. This is necessary to perform an upgrade to the table structure in your database.



The Statistics page under Manage in your WordPress dashboard only works if your are using at least MySQL 4.1, this is because older versions of MySQL are missing some features used in the database queries to get the results. This is not my fault, and there is NO way around it. Stop complainig about it to me and contact your hosting company to upgrade their outdated software.

1,718 thoughts on “WP OnlineCounter”

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  9. Hi wird den der WP OnlineCounter noch weiterentwickelt?
    Da ich keinerlei Lizenzvereinbarungen gefunden habe, habe ich mich gestern mal an die Arbeit gemacht und habe ihn überarbeitet, so dass er auch unter der Aktuellen WP-Version läuft.
    Ich würde gen die überarbeitete Version auf meinem Block anderen zur Verfügung stellen.
    Ich dachte an http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/de/ bei der Lizenzierung.
    MfG Lutz Müller

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