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This plugin for WordPress allows you to output a image with the Google PageRank of the current page. The colors of the image are configurable, the PageRank values are cached for a user-defined time.

The old versions up to 0.5 were developed and tested on a 32bit system, since version 0.6 it only works correctly on 64bit systems. If you are using WordPress on a 32bit system, please stick with version 0.5! I may split the plugins into a 32bit and a 64bit releases if i add any features in the future.

From version 0.7 upwards it should work on 32bit and 64bit systems again, unfortunately i can’t test it on a 32bit system, so please let me know if it doesn’t work for you!


The output of the plugins looks like this:


Place the following code in your template where your want the image to show up.

<?php if(function_exists(wp_pagerank)) wp_pagerank(); ?>



If you get any errors about denied permissions for the folder “wp-pagerank-cache” use a FTP client or SSH to create the folder under “wp-content/plugins” and set the permissions to that the webserver is allowed to write into this folder. The folder should be created with the correct permissions when you activate the plugin, but it seems as if it fails sometimes, please give me feedback on this issue!

34 thoughts on “WP PageRank”

  1. Ich würde entweder ne Mail an den TechSupport schicken und einfach nachfragen, oder die beiden Versionen mal ausprobieren und dann die nehmen, die das exakte Ergebnis liefert.

  2. Hi!

    Ich habe beide Versionen ausprobiert. Ich bekomme mit beiden Versionen nur die Textausgabe hin.

    Ich kann leider den Ordner WP-Pagerank-Cache nicht ändern, da ich nicht der Besitzer bin. O.o

    Was muss ich tun damit ich die Ausgabe in dem .png Format hinbekomme.


  3. Hi
    I use the widget for the counter and the normal function for the rank
    both done on side bar in default theme, neither shows up?
    Plugins are installed…
    Here is the side bar text:

    and this:

    Whats wrong ?

    Please Email me so I know when you asnwer me.

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  5. Hi!

    I’m not using this script myself but I do have a question about it. What exactly is the difference between the 32 bit and 64 bit verseion? I’m fooling around with a pagerank checking script myself, and it only works on one of the webhosts i’m using. I’m wondering if it has to do with servers being 32 or 64 bit. I’m using the script from this website: http://www.icemelon.com/php/google_pagerank.htm.

    btw, the pagerank check on this page says it’s pagerank is zero. However, my toolbar tells me it’s 4.

  6. 64bit memory addresses are two times as long as 32bit addresses, that’s the reason it doesn’t work …

    it didn’t work because of the “google dance” … look it up 😉

  7. Actually, my problem gets weirder and weirder… As I said, I’m using a script from Icemelon.com to determine pageranks. On the server where my website is hosted the script doesn’t work. The output is always zero. On a different server however, the script does work. I don’t have any specs on the different servers, and it’ll be difficult to get them too.

    Here’s the thing, the script from Icemelon.com doesn’t work on my websites server, but a different pagerank checking script does! You can find the script at http://www.pagerank-checker-tool.com/add-source-code.php. The only problem with the script is that it outputs the pagerank with a picture and I don’t know how to change that. I’m no expert, maybe a novice, with php, but I can’t see any big differences between the two scripts. The working has one extra function which is to_int_32, and it has an extra variable which is $this->.

    Summarizing: script from icemelon.com works on one server, but not the other. script from pagerank-checker-tool.com does work but outputs images instead of text and has an extra variable and function.

    Do you have any idea what the problem is?

  8. Also scheinbar funktioniert’s immer noch nicht… würde gerne das beheben, nur find ich den Fehler nicht so wirklich.

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